DGT Costs Lawyers aims to be Australia’s premier firm specialising exclusively in the complex area of legal costs law and practice

Our reputation is built on having the capability, expertise, experience and resources to deliver high quality legal costing solutions to our clients. Our team, nationally, consists of 7 in-house specialist costs solicitors and more than 12 legally qualified costs consultants. The team is supported by an advanced legal costing case management system and technology as well as dedicated client services and research personnel.

Legal Costs Lawyers

We have incorporated as a legal practice specialising in legal costing so that we can offer our clients the best possible advice on costing issues in conjunction with a full range of services for the preparation of applications for costs assessments. One of the industry’s leading experts, Kerrie Rosati, and our senior in-house solicitors Jacqueline Highfield, Tara Ryan and Toni Mossman, are available for high-end and expert advice work on complex matters.

These experts can provide:

Strategic advice as to how costs issues in a particular matter should be approached. This involves us working with the client’s legal advisers to develop a strategy for costs maximisation or minimisation, as the case may be and to do whatever costing related work is necessary for the fulfilment of the strategy.

Expert evidence on costs: The use of legal costing experts in modern litigation has increased and it is now commonplace for parties to engage experts in applications for security for costs and applications for gross sum costs.

Provision of CLE/CPD both in-house tailored to suit your specific needs and for commercial providers and law societies.

DGT Costs Mediation service: A bespoke service tailored to suit the needs of you and your clients in all jurisdictions – for both solicitor/client and party/party disputes – designed to provide an alternative dispute resolution to the usual assessment or taxation systems.

In-house Legal Research: Our size allows us to have better levels of resources than our competitors. We maintain a database and analysis of Certificates of Determinations and relevant case law. With a plethora of case law and legislation relevant to costs, this adds significantly to our ability to deliver expert and quality solutions.

Costs Consultants

Because we are one of the largest costing firms in Australia we have developed expertise across the spectrum of legal practice. All of our costs consultants are legally qualified.

The work we do reflects the work our clients do. We currently have on our team over 12 costs consultants from a wide variety of practice backgrounds bringing their experience to bear to their costing work.